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Four Simple Things that Will Derail Your Career — and How to Care for Them.

This could be done as a 2 hour roundtable discussion.

We all want to do well at work, yet there are many things well beyond what we learn in veterinary school that are critical to our success. We have seen this in colleagues when we ask ourselves, “Why are they not happy? Their professional work is so great!” These ideas are from legacy achievers in other fields of work that we are adapting to veterinary medicine.

The four areas of your life that will help, or kill your career are:

  1. Family

  2. Marriage/Relationship

  3. Issues with children

  4. Personal finances

  5. Physical Health

  6. Personal fulfillment

If you do not understand how these four areas of your life affect your work, you will unknowingly sidetrack the rest of your life.

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