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Our clients love humor, and studies show it helps us bond with our clients.  Here are 50 simple ways to inject humor into your daily practice life.  Start with one, and use it every chance you can to get better at using it, then add another.

Looking for the complete Gibbs-Ramirez Rules for Veterinary Medicine? This list of truisms is based on the rules held by NCIS agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Dr. Ramirez has taken these rules and given them updates and additions to apply them to the field of veterinary medicine. 

The Reluctant Practice Owner cover

Have you wanted to be your own boss as a veterinarian? Has the fear of the unknown prevented you from living this dream? Reading and implementing the strategies in this book will help you to move past the fear and create the life of your dreams. These strategies are also applicable to other professionals.

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