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Excel: To Infinity and Beyond

Assuming a basic knowledge of Excel, we will learn how to sum columns, highlight and border columns, and create a new worksheet in a workbook file. We will use formulas to create a creating an "end of day" change calculator so you are not carrying all the petty cash. We will concentrate on using dynamic links from within a worksheet (tab) or different excel file, conditional formatting, and custom graphing to look at numbers and highlight how to be more efficient with staffing levels at your practice.

This is a great 2 to 4 hour workshop. We invite participants to bring 4-7 parameters to the workshop (depending on time) to create their own beneficial spreadsheets that can make it easier to visualize what they want to measure and monitor. Examples of parameters would be:

  • New clients

  • Referrals

  • Gross income by quarter

  • Appointment times

  • Department income

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