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8 Things Attorneys, Accountants, and Practice Managers DON’T Tell You about Practice Ownership

This presentation is best done as two 50 minute sessions, or one 90 min session.

Nothing is scary if you know about it! Practice ownership is intimidating because so many DVM’s realize there are gaps in their information. This presentation fills in the gaps with that needed information from people who have been there. We answer such mundane and big picture questions such as:

  • What is the cash drawer?

  • When do you put a drug on the want list?

  • What about syringes?

  • What about account vendors?

  • Licenses anyone?

  • What about when staff asks off?

  • What about vacation time, sick time, holiday pay if the holiday is a Sunday?

  • What about taking care of staff pets?

  • What about a computer use policy?

  • Can staff use the computers to get online?

  • For something other than clinic use?

Don’t follow these 8 steps and PRACTICE will mean:







Computer Crap

Energy (or lack thereof)

We'll cover a better meaning of PRACTICE:

Primary concerns

Regulatory concerns and government



Time for Family and Friends


Culture of your practice


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